Former TEU National Women’s Officer Suzanne McNabb has been honoured with a Council of Trade Unions (CTU) Women’s Conference award for her life-time contribution to the union movement and to progressing women’s issues and gender equity in Aotearoa and globally.

Suzanne is a Board Executive of UN Women Aotearoa New Zealand, and has for almost 50 years invested her commitment, energy and passion into improving the lives of workers and particularly women workers. Through her leadership, absolute focus on equity, fairness and social justice, as well as her natural talent as an educator, Suzanne has made an enduring impact that will continue through the actions and mahi of all of those in the movement whom she has guided, inspired and mentored.

Suzanne’s contribution to the women’s movement and to unionism has rightly been acknowledged both nationally and internationally. She has been co-convenor of the CTU Women’s Council; organised and chaired several Biennial Women’s Conferences; represented the CTU on NACEW (National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women) for seven years; and completed three terms as a Board member of UN Women NCANZ.

Suzanne’s long association with organising, advocating for, and educating women members in ASTE, AUS and TEU demonstrates the impact she has made in the everyday lives of women workers. As TEU National Women’s Officer, Suzanne led the Pay and Employment Equity review mahi across the tertiary education sector, putting gender equity squarely on the agenda of our tertiary education institutions. Suzanne’s leadership in issues of gender equity have also helped shape some of the very best of practices found in the sector including equitable promotions processes; extended childcare provisions; improved employer-paid parental leave; and inclusion of anti-bullying and harassment provisions.

TEU National Secretary Sandra Grey congratulates Suzanne on behalf of TEU, and says receiving the CTU Women’s Conference award is acknowledgement of Suzanne’s leadership and uncompromising commitment to improving the lives of women in the union movement and in society,

‘The TEU is thrilled that Suzanne is again being celebrated and awarded for all her hard mahi and dedication in promoting equity, fairness and advocating for women everywhere. Suzanne’s contribution to TEU, gender equity and the union movement more broadly, has provided and strengthened a platform for women that will continue within our movement, even as we know there is more mahi to be done to combat persistent inequities’.