Te Pūkenga are in the process of developing a new operating model which will determine how the institute draws on people, processes, and technology to deliver on its strategic plan.

As part of the co-design process, Te Pūkenga is currently seeking feedback on eight service concepts. The service concepts have been developed in response to research surrounding the unmet needs of learners and employers and are intended to “challenge the status quo.”

TEU members have already expressed concern regarding certain aspects of the service concepts. For example:

  1. Need for staff voice: The service concepts draw on the views of learners and employers, but the voice of staff is notably absent – in order to flourish, learners need strong, passionate teachers and the service concepts need to be informed by the expertise and experience of teaching staff.
  1. Focus on research-based evidence: There is a notable lack of evidence and scholarly research to support the service concepts – we think the views of learners and employers need to be triangulated with current research surrounding what is required to best improve teaching and learning in the vocational education space. This is particularly significant given the service concepts include an emphasis on the extensive use of virtual teaching and AI technologies.
  1. Recognition of mature learners: The service concepts primarily focus on the needs of school leavers, yet we know that a large proportion of our learners in the vocational sector are ‘mature learners’ – in order to uphold the principle of inclusivity and ensure the needs of all learners are met, we think further work is needed in this area.

The development of the operating model of Te Pūkenga is a significant component of the new network of vocational provision, and we encourage members to take the time to get involved, have your say, and tell Te Pūkenga what it really takes to “challenge the status quo” and ensure quality, accessible vocational education for all learners.

Submissions close on Friday 30 July. Click here to get involved.