Did you know that Te Pūkenga are currently consulting on their Academic Regulations framework?

There are various positive factors included in the draft Regulations. However, we think there are a variety of issues that will be problematic for staff if the Regulations are implemented in their current form:

  1. 10-day turnaround for marking: The draft Regulations state that “Learners are entitled to the return of written work (or a copy) submitted for assessment within ten (10) working days […]” (p.22). Given the different types of assessment that staff are required to mark, we think a general 10-day turnaround time is unreasonable and potentially poses a health and safety risk given staff workloads are already very high.
  1. Removing +/- grades: The grading system outlined in the Regulations does not include + or – grades. We think this dismisses the nuance between, for example, an A and an A+ which is often a factor that motivates learners to strive to produce exceptional work (p.25).
  1. Recognised prior learning: The draft Regulations state that “Whole qualifications may be awarded based on prior learning” (p.10). We think this is problematic considering learners need to be able to, firstly, demonstrate current skills and knowledge, and, secondly, have a robust understanding of the theory that underpins those practical skills. Additionally, the resources required to assess prior learning are considerable.

What do you think? Are the Academic Regulations as they currently stand going to be conducive to staff wellbeing and the provision of quality vocational education across the new network?

Although submissions on the Te Pūkenga Citizen Lab platform close on Friday 30 July, TEU (and its members) have been granted an extended deadline of Sunday 15 August. Click here to have your say.