Kōtui Kōrero – a Conversation with Te Pūkenga is currently underway with members of the Te Pūkenga leadership team visiting 16 subsidiary locations across the motu throughout June and July.

Our Union Liaison Officers and other TEU staff have been on-the-ground reporting that each of the visits have been well attended by staff throughout the new network. Some members have also attended Te Raurau Kaiwhakamahi – a Conversation for Employers with Te Pūkenga, which provided valuable insight into the interests and concerns of employers and industry.

TEU appreciates the willingness of the Te Pūkenga team to directly engage with staff throughout the sector and we appreciate that they have actively implemented some of our suggestions on the best way to run the virtual sessions. However, where there is room for improvement, we hope these issues will be addressed ahead of future visits which are currently scheduled for September. This includes asking for time without managers involved in the conversations, ensuring technology works, adequate room space, and more interactive time with members of the Te Pūkenga leadership team. Let us know if you have any other suggestions for improving the interactions.

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