From Sunday 30 May - Saturday 5 June, TEU members, staff and students will be celebrating Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa - Samoa Language Week 2021.

Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa is a celebration of Gagana Samoa that invites Pasifika peoples, staff, students, and all who live in Aotearoa to learn more about Samoan language and culture. This year’s theme for Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa is Poupou le lotoifale, ola manuia le anofale - strengthen the posts of your house, for all to thrive.

Language is important for the foundations of our overall wellbeing. When you’re building a foundation for a fale it can’t have a weak foundation or posts. This is the same for the foundations of our aiga, schools and churches that play an important role in strengthening Gagana Samoa.

For Jason Tiatia, TEU member and senior academic staff teaching Humanities and Applied Science at Ara Institute of Canterbury,

‘Vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa is a celebration of Aotearoa’s third most spoken language. It should and must keep all peoples encouraged and inspired to learn more about the Samoan community. We invite all to participate in the local activities at their respective institutes or Samoan language week events’.

Ia Manuia le vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa 2021 – Happy Samoan Language week 2021!

Keep a look out around campus for Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa events and activities and visit here for resources.