TEU is pleased to welcome Pam Fleming and Drew Duncan as our new Te Pūkenga Union Liaison Officers. Pam and Drew have been seconded from Toi Ohomai and WelTec respectively to work for TEU across the new network seeking the views and expertise of TEU members in order to help shape Te Pūkenga. They are our channel of communication between TEU members and the Te Pūkenga leadership team, so feel free to get in touch with them if you have queries or insights regarding the new network ([email protected] / [email protected]).

Pam writes: I have been a teacher all my life with some periodic excursions into the business world. I like to experiment with ways of teaching and have been involved extensively in education committees both on-site and nationally, a national moderator for many years, and have learnt the value of work/life balance!

I worked in various roles throughout the business world, but the call back to teaching was strong. I joined the tertiary education sector in the Bay of Plenty and have taught across a number of areas including MYOB Computerised Accounting and Operations Management. Teaching has been, and still is, my passion, as I believe this sector absolutely transforms lives – the lives of students, their families, their communities, their iwi – and, as a result, our nation. I have great hopes and expectations of Te Pūkenga to bring the tertiary sector back to focusing on students and being transformational.

Drew says: Having spent the previous 9 years teaching IT in the commercial sector after being born and brought up in the UK, the decision to emigrate to Aotearoa New Zealand came to fruition in 2007. A desire to take an IT security course at WelTec in late 2010 led to an offer of employment which I took up in 2011.

Being a union member from the outset, it was only a matter of time before a seat on the branch committee beckoned. This was followed a couple of years later by being “voluntold” into the position of Co-Branch President. Here I discovered that as well as a love of teaching, there is a passion for championing the causes of others.

The position of Te Pūkenga Union Liaison Officer was one I really wanted, and although much of this role is completely new, it is undeniable that it is a once in a generation opportunity. Hopefully time will show that my contribution was a positive and useful one. Whatever happens it won’t be due to a lack of effort on my part.