During the transition phase, Te Pūkenga issues its subsidiaries with letters of expectation. You can read the latest letter in full here, but we thought we’d highlight some key headlines from the letter.

Te Pūkenga has established Te Pūkenga Work-based Learning Ltd, an additional subsidiary, for Transitional Industry Training Organisations (TITOs) to move in to. From August 2021, the subsidiary staff on many sites will be working side–by-side with colleagues who do work placements, work-based training and assessment, administration, and work-based learning development. We know you will make them feel welcome within the new network and embrace their expertise in work-based learning. And if they want to join the TEU, the answer is yes – they can join, but they will be on an individual employment agreement.

The Council and Chief Executive (CE) of Te Pūkenga have clearly laid out in the letter that this is about creating a 'national entity’ bringing together ITP and TITO staff.

The letter also notes the importance of using the size and strength of the network to ensure delivery across Aotearoa.

What does this mean for TEU members? This means that every time there is either a change proposal or moves to close provision, we should be questioning subsidiary leaders as to how this aligns with the Te Pūkenga Charter and its requirement that a mix of education and training must be offered throughout Aotearoa, including in each region. If there are changes near you, contact your local TEU reps or the Te Pūkenga Union Liaison Officers ([email protected] / [email protected]).

There is also a strong commitment in the letter to the “wellbeing of staff and retention of capability.” Te Pūkenga leaders know that for these reforms to be successful the efforts of everyone are required.

If you read the letter and want to ask a question about the contents, email [email protected] and we will include the questions in one of our fortnightly meetings with Te Pūkenga CE Stephen Town.